Manage Code Cultivate is a tech start-up started by some current and alumni students of Pune University. As the name suggests, the company focuses on three aspects i.e. Event Management, IT services, Training and Consultancy. Manage Code Cultivate's vision is to create quality applications as it firmly believes that the future of the phone and the personal computer industry will thrive on applications. We believe that trainings and workshops on industry required skill set will help an individual exploit opportunities and grow in this competitive market. We believe that such trainings help an individual learn practical applications which complement his academic skills. Such trained professionals will help in the growth of the country and will be preferred by industries worldwide.


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Dedicated Team

Employees of our company have been previously top Microsoft Student Partners or community contributors through MSDN, UGs, and other associations. Most of our trainers have been speakers at Microsoft India TechDays, Microsoft DreamSpark Yatras, and other events of same scale. Our team has a combined training experience of over 200 sessions, and all of them have organized large scale trainings and events (1000+ attendees) multiple times. ​

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At Manage Code Cultivate, it is our constant endeavour to build solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. We prioritize and value on-time delivery to ensure your steady growth.

Our Mission - “Your Thoughts, Our Solution”

At Manage Code Cultivate, our aim is to improve the skills of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students by providing them with real world skills needed in today's practical environment. Our goal is to create a world where students develop industry required skill set and bridge the gap between classroom education and industrial application. With this vision in mind, our focus is to help industries save on training time for new student recruits.

Our Services

We offer training programs that are certified by industry and delivered by well-qualified trainers. In accordance with the above, we as a company focus on software services and event management harboring the strength of the students who train or work with us.


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